oturmakv1to sit (down)Ol otyr.He's sitting.... saçagyň başynda otyrkalar...... while they were sitting around the tablecloth...telewizor görüp otyrka . . .while watching television . . .Ol maňa nesihat berip otyr.He gives advice to me.Ol gülüp otyr.He's laughing.2to be, spend time; sitting; to rest, have a meal; to stay, settletürmede oturmakto be in prisonbütin gün öýde oturmakto be at home all dayOtyrmyň?How are you?A greeting used when coming into a room where people are having a meal.3to liveOl nirede otyr?Where does he live?otur ýericomp.vsit-upon, bottom(following gerund) marks the continuous mood

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