doňdurmakv1to freezesuwy doňdurmakmake iceSüýtden resept boýunça doňdurma ýasap doňduruja salyp doňdurdyk.We made ice-cream from milk and put it in the freezer.Et zaýalanmazlyk üçin doňduryja salyp doňdurdyk.We stored the meat in the freezer so it would not spoil.aýagyňy sowuga doňdurmakto get frozen feetGapyny ýap,doňdurdyň!Close the door, it's freezing! Daşarda garaşdyryp doňdurdyň.We are frozen because you made us wait hasaplaryny doňdurmakto freeze a bank account 2anaesthetise, give an anaestheticGaharyma maňlaýyňa doňdurmakam git şu ýerden.Go away from here before I strike to your forehead.

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