diýmek1vto say, tell, speak2advso, well, that is to sayPagta planymyzy doldyk diýmek bolar.So we fulfilled our cotton plan.Diýmek, sen maňa ynanaňok-da?So, you don't believe me?Diýmek, sen meniň bilen kluba gitjek däl-de?!So, you are not going to the club with me?!Diýmek, sen indi gitjek-dä?So, are you going now?3vto call, name4vto mean, signifyNäme diýmek isleýäň?What do you want/mean to say? Men saňa diýjegimi diýdim.I told you what I meant.Men bu işi taşlasam diýýärin.I mean I want to give up this job.Diýmek, biz gijä galarys.This means we are going to be late.

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