cfaladan1work, labour, task, problemöý işihomeworkiş hakysalary, wageMende bir iş bar.I've got something that needs to be done.ylmy işscientific research workiş çalyşmakto have a working relationship with somebodyMeniň işim köp.I have a lot of work to doeden işwhat has been done, what someone has done2business, affairsiş bilenon businessBu meniň işim.That is my businessözgäniň işine goşulma!Mind your own business!Iş pyrryk.The deal fell through.3case, causebiriniň garşysyna iş gozgamakto bring an action against somebody, instigate proceedings against somebodylegalBu günki işiňi ertä goýma!comp.Don't put off until tomorrow what can be done today!iş-aladacomp.i:ş-aladai:ş-alada1work and thingsiş köp.There is a lot of work to be done.2alada köp.There is lots of work to be done.Galan işe gar ýagarsay.It will snow over the work that is left to do [~don't let the weeds grow on it]

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