malma:ln1domestic animal, livestockiri şahly malcattlemal-garasheep and goats; flocksmal bakmakto graze, pasture, to shepherd, tend2property, belongings, bride-priceJereniň basym toýy bolýar, oňa mal geçiripdirler.Jeren will marry soon, the bride-price had been passed onto her.çig malcomp.raw materialmal kesmekcomp.1to slaughter an animalDüýn agam toý üçin mal kesdi.Yesterday my brother killed an animal for the wedding party.2to set a bride price, fix a bride priceGyz doganymyň malyny kesip, toýunyň sähedini bellediler.They set bride price for my sister and decided the day of her wedding-party.

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