göwünn1heart, soulemotions2desiregöwünden turmakto satisfy one's desiresgöwne ýaramakto likegöwne almakcomp.to take offencegöwne gelmekcomp.1to be gripped by a feeling2to be offended, take something the wrong waygöwne jaý bolmakcomp.to be comfortable, be just rightgöwün bitgincomp.satisfiedgöwün hoşlamakcomp.to have a good timegöwün-islegcomp.n1wish, desire, aspiration (for), yearning (for)2wish, desire, aspiration (for), yearning (for)göwün-kinecomp.noffence, injury, wrong, resentment, dissatisfactiongöwününe düwmekcomp.to intend to, decide to

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