ýetirmekv1to deliver, to carry something to someoneHaty eýesine ýetirdim.I delivered the letter to it's owner.ýetirjek bolmakto make something lastOl öz pikirini oňa ýetirdi.He told her of his idea.Murad ýeňsesine elini ýetirdi.Murad touched the back of his head.2to inform, tellBu habary oňa tizden ýetiriň.Inform him of the news immediately.3to reachMen oňa zordan elimi ýetirdim.I barely reached it.dil ýetirmekcomp.to insult, hurt, wound, offendResul öz klasdaşyna göwnine degip dil ýetirdi.Resul offended and insulted his classmate.Mainly used when God is insulted, or blasphemed.göz ýetirmekcomp.1to realise, to find something out2to realise, to find something out; knowýerine ýetirmekcomp.1carry out, fulfil, accomplishBu işi ýerine ýetirmek kyn bolmady.It wasn't difficult to accomplish this task.Ähli başlan işleriňi ýerine ýetirmek hökmandyr.It is important to carry out all the plans you started.2to performJemleýji şertde gatnaşyjylar iki aýdymy ýerine ýetirdiler.As a group those attending performed two songs.ýetirjek bolmakcomp.to make something go round; make something lastMen nahary hemme kişä ýetirjek bolup, azajyk salyşdyrdym.I gave out small portions to try and make the meal go round.

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