ýygnamakv1to gather, collect, pickoňat hasyl ýygnamakto gather in a good harvestgoşun ýygnamakto assemble/muster troopsmaglumat ýygnamakto collect informationpoçta markalary ýygnamakto collect postage stamps2to save3hide; to hide, conceal, put away4to pile, heap, stackodunlary bir ýere ýygnamakto pile up the firewood5to pick upköçeden ýygnamakto pick up in the street6to do, tidy up, clean upýorgan-düşekleri ýygnamakto make the bedsaçagy ýygnamakto clear the tableoňat hasyl ýygnamakto gather in a good harvestpoçta markalary ýygnamakto collect postage stampsodunlary bir ýere ýygnamakto stack firewoodköçeden hapany ýygnamakto pick up litter in the street

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