çekmek1çekmekv1to lay (down), extend, stretchOl kemerini çekip daňdy.He extended his belt and hung it up.2to move, pull, push, carry, haulIň agyr ýükleri otly çekip bilýär.A train can carry the heaviest loads.3to weighterezide çekmekto weigh on scalesgapanda çekmekto weigh on scales4to extract (e.g. silk), pull out; drawguýudan suw çekmekto draw water from a well5to last, to continue for a certain timeNahar taýýarlamak uzaga çekdi.It took a long time to prepare food [for a meal].6to involve (someone), draw in, get someone to participate (in)Biziň obamyza ýol çekdiler.In our village they got involved.7to smoke; draw, absorbÇilim çekmek zyýanly.It's harmful [to one's health] to smoke cigarettes.çig çekmekto absorb, soak up moisture8to resemble, bear resemblance to; look like, have the same character as9to pull, draw, attractünsüni çekmekto draw/attract one's attention (to)10to sew, embroiderOl gyz ejesine çekipdir.That girl sewed for her mother.11to close, shut, cover, pullýorgan çekmekto pull up the cover12to thresh, mille.g. grain13to extract (e.g. sperm for artificial insemination)livestock14to draw, paint, copyOl surat çekdi.He painted a picture.15to experience, go through, bearah çekmekcomp.to moan, to groanahmyr çekmekcomp.to regret, be sorryaýak çekmekcomp.1to stop, wait2to stopaýak sekmekto walk, to goaýak üstündento come and go quickly, to rush offaýaga çolaşmakto hang around someone's legs, bother themaýagyňy ýazmakto stretch out and restejir çekmekcomp.to sufferel çekmekcomp.1to back away from2to neglect, withdraw fromLeýliden sen el çekmegin, ol gowy maşgalaň gyzy.Do not neglect Leyli; she is a girl from a good family.gam çekmekcomp.be sad, be distressed/grievedhasrat çekmekcomp.vto mourn, grieve (for), be sadhor çekmekcomp.vto snorejeza çekmekcomp.to bear or take punishmentOl eden günäsiniň jezasyny çeker.He will be punished for the crimes he committed.keýp çekmekcomp.vto have fun, have a really good time; to party, have fun, drinkOlar iýip-içip, keýp çekdiler.They ate and drank, and had fun.kynçylyk çekmekcomp.vto suffer, have difficultiesUruş döwründe köp adamlar agyr kynçylyk çekipdirler.During the war a lot of people suffered.nala çekmekcomp.to groanEne çagasyny elden aldyranda, erbet nala çekdi.The mother moaned loudly when she lost her child.zähmet çekmekcomp.to work hard, to toil; to sufferDaýhanlar oňat hasyl almak üçin gije-gündiz zähmet çekýärler.Farmers work hard day and night to receive a good harvest.

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