aýyrmakv1to removePili ýoluň üstünden aýyrmak gerek.We need to remove the spade from the road.gulluk wezipesinden aýyrmakto remove from government service2to take awayodun aýyrmakto take away somethingçagany süýtden aýyrmakto wean a child3to separateaýalyny ärinden aýyrmakto separate a wife from her husband4to subtract; to subtract, take away, take, minusAltydan ikini aýyrmaksubtract two from sixaýyrmak belgisiminus signmathematicsabraýdan aýyrmakcomp.to disgraceOl ogurlyk edip, tutuş maşgalamyzy abraýdan aýyrdy.By stealing he disgraced our whole family.

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