biwagtbi:wagtcfbimahaladv1prematurely, untimely, suddenly, without warningIşden biwagt çykanyma ökünýärin, ýenede alty aý işläýmelikenim.I regret starting work prematurely, I've got six months more to work.Garaşylmadyk myhman biwagt geldi, gije sagat onbirde.The unexpected guests came without warning at 11pm.2inopportune, ill-timed, out of season, not in time,Batyryň ejesi biwagt aradan çykanlygy üçin, ony daýzasy özüne ogullyk edip aldy.When Batyr's mother suddenly passed away his aunt adopted him.Ejem ýaş biwagt aradan çykdy.My mother passed away suddenly while still young.

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