aýamakv1to spare, let offUruşda ýaşlary aýaýarlar.Spare the youths from going to war.2to take careköwüşiňi aýato take care of one's shoesSaglygy aýamak gerek.One must guard one's health.köwşüňi aýamakto take care of one's shoes3to guardEsgerler watanyny aýap saklaýarlar.The soldiers keep guard over our country.Ene çagasyny aýap saklaýar.A mother protects her own children.Nanyny aýan aşa ýeter, donuny aýan toýasay.If you guard your food you will be well-off, if you guard you cloth you will have something with which to celebrate (i.e. watch the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves). (Proverb)

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