bilmekcfbilginv1to know (be aware); to know by heartMen Mary şäherini gowy bilýärin, sebäbi köp wagtdan bäri ýaşap ýörün.I know Mary city very well, because I have lived there for a long time.Men kasam bilen gimni ýatdan bilýärin.I know the national oath and national anthem by heart.2to learnSapagy oňat bilmek üçin agşam öwrenip geldim.I learnt the lesson last night then came to school.3to recogniseOnuň kimdigini bildik.We knew who he was.Her kim öz işini bilmeli.Everyone should know their own work.4to discoverWilliam Gilbert ilkinji bolup, elektrik toguny bilen adam.William Gilbert was the first to discover electricity.5to be able, canMen özüm edip bilýärin.I can do that myself.Dostumyň adresini ahyr tapyp bildim.In the end I was able to find out my friend's address.Men türkmen haly dokap bilýärin.I can weave Turkmen rugs.Men palawy oňat hem süýji bişirip bilýärin.I can cook tasty pilau. ýazyp bilmek to be able to write, be literatebilip goý be aware, keep in mind, to remember, knowBilip goý şu gün sapagyňy etmeseň, ertir seýil bagyna gideňok.Know this, if you don't do today's lesson you won't be going to the park.

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