meýdanmeýda:nn1field, meadow; open countrypagta meýdanycotton fieldmeýdanda işlemekto work out in a fieldgök ekerançylyk meýdanya field of greens, a herb bedMeýdanda düýeler otlaýar.In the open country camels are eating grass.söweş meýdanywar fieldgurluşyk meýdanybuilding sitetennis meýdanytennis courtbedenterbiýe meýdanysports ground, playing field2sphere, activity, professionedebiýat meýdanythe field of literaturesöweş meýdanythe area of businessgeçirmekda işlemekto work in the fieldbir meýdan1comp.for a time, for some timebir meýdan2comp.görüş meýdanycomp.field of visionmagnit meýdanycomp.magnetic fieldMagnit meýdanynda kompas gowy işlemeýär.In magnetic fields the compass doesn't work properly.söweş meýdanycomp.nbattlefield

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