ýokýo:kmodal v1not to haveSende howly ýokmy?Haven't you got a back yard?Meniň başga aýtjak zadym ýokThere is nothing more I want to say to you.Geregi ýok(There is) no need.2not to be thereOl öýde ýokHe is not at home.3noSen iňlis dilini bilýäňmi? Ýok.Do you speak English? No.Aý ýoga!comp.Really!bary-ýogycomp.1roughly, approximatelyAradan bary-ýogy iki aý geçdi.Approximately two months have passed since then.2in all, only, justGar bary-ýogy bir gün ýagdy.Snow fell, just for one day.Söz ýokcomp.Everything is all right.ýoguna ýanmakcomp.1to annihilate, wipe outBu bombalar tutuş şäheriň ýoguna ýanyp biljek.These bombs can wipe out a whole city.2to kill, annihilateMen garynjanyň ýoguna ýandym.I killed the ant.ýok bolmakcomp.to disappear, vanish, be lostOl al-asmanda ýok boldy.He disappeared into the sky.ýok bolmazlykcomp.to be insufficientBu maňa ýok bolmaz.That won't be enough for me.ýok etmekcomp.vto destroyTomzaklar agajy ýok edipdirler.Beetles have destroyed the tree.ýok zatlary aýtmakcomp.to talk rubbishMaňa ýok zatlary aýdyp oturma!Don't talk rubbish!

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