bal2ba:ln1force (of the wind, of an earthquake etc.)1948-nji ýylda Aşgabatda 9 bal ýer titredi.In 1948 a force 9 earthquake shook Ashgabat.2mark, grade (at school)Matematika olimpiýadasynda iň köp bal alan, ikinji orta mekdep boldy.The school that got the highest marks in the Mathematics competition was the '2nd Middle School'.3point (in some scores)Şahmat ýaryşynda Lebap welaýaty Mary welaýatyndan 3-2 bal bilen utuldy.In the chess competition the Lebap region lost to the Mary region 3-2.4ball (dance)Täze ýyl balyNew Year's ball

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