buýsanmakv1to be proud of, take pride in, boast inMekdebi altyn medala gutaranyma buýsanýaryn.I'm proud of the fact that the school got a gold medal.Men şäherimiň owadan hem arassalygyna buýsanýaryn.I'm proud that my city is beautiful and clean.2to rely on, hope onBaýka, baýlygyna buýsanyp adam äsgermedi.While rich, those who rely on their riches are not put to shame.Öz güýjüne buýsanyp ýokary okuw jaýyna ekzamensiz diňe gürrüň geçirme bilen geçdi.Those who relied on their own ability got into the place of education just by passing an oral test, without a written exam.

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