taýta:ýn1like, similar, equalşuňa taýsimilar to this, like this2equal, peer3one of an equal number, one of a pair, couple4direction, arearuhy taýdanspiritually, from a spiritual perspective5loadbir taý çuwal bugdaýone sack of wheatbu taýdacomp.bu'ta:ýdaadvhere, in this areaÝoluň bu taýynda durmak gadagan.You're not allowed to stand on this side of the road.Bu taýda gyzgyn çäýnegi goýsaň stoluň üsti ýanar.If you put a hot teapot here it will leave a mark on the table.Bu taýda duran güli başga ýere göçürmeli.The flower growing here needs to be moved to a different place.Bu taýda ösüp oturan agajy bir gör nähili owadan.Look at the trees that grow here, how beautiful they are.fiziki taýdancomp.fiziki 'taýdanadj1physically2physically speaking

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