ugurcfugruna1postdirection, towards, in the direction of, by, at the side (of)ýoluň ugryalong the roadýeliň ugrywind directionýoluň ugrundaby the road, on the roadsideMamamyň ýarawsyzlykdan ýaňa indi ugry ýok.My Grandma doesn't feel good now due to her illness.Meniň şu gün ugrum ýok, ýarawsyzrak.I don't feel good today, I am sick.ugur nirä?Where are you heading?Onuň bilen gürleşmegiň ugruny tapmaly.Got to find the way to speak to him.Sen bu işiň ugruny bilýärsiň.You know the way to get this job done.Haýsy ugra gitmeli?Where should we go?Ugur nirä?Which way are you going?bellenen ugurrouteugry ýokto be in bad shapeMeňliň indi Şirin bilen ugry ýok.Menli is not a close friend of Shirin any longer.2poststylesungatda realistik ugura realistic art styleabstraksionizm ugryabstract style3postfieldol bu ugurdan uly spesialistS/he is a great specialist in this field.Ol din ugrundan alym.He is a professor in religious studies.4postsense, meaning, methodOnuň aýdýanlarynyň ugry bar.there is sense in what he saysOnuň gepiniň ugry ýok.His speech is meaningless.5nside, vergeýoluň ugrythe roadside, vergeýoluň ugrundaon the verge of the roadOl size haýsy ugurdan garyndaş?From which side is he related to you?Ol biziň daýy ugrumyzdan bolmaly.He must be from our uncle's side.comp.ugruna çykmakugrunaunspec. comp. formugruna bolmakugrunaugruny ýitirmekcomp.vto lose one's sense of directionNartäç ýoldaşyndan aýrylşansoň, ugruny ýitirdi.After she got divorced from her husband, Nartach lost her sense of direction.ugur almakcomp.v1to find a way, succeed, improveBiziň işimiz ugur alyp başlady.Our business is improving.Indi biziňem tikinçilik kärhanamyz ugur alyp başlady.Now, our dress-making enterprise has started to improve.2to follow the example, act according toDurmuşyň kynçylygyny ýeňip geçmek üçin biz ene-atalarymyzdan ugur almaly.To overcome difficulties, we should follow the example of our parents.ugur haýyr bola!comp.a) All the best! b) Where are you going?Ugur haýyr bola! Nirä ugradyňyz?May your trip be successful! Where are you going?ugur tapmakcomp.vto find a way, to take off (in figurative sense), to take an example fromOglum şäherde ýitende, özi ugur tapyp gelipdir.When my son got lost in the city, he found a way out and came home by himself.

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