pikirnthought, ideapikir etmekto thinköz pikiriňi aýtmakto express one's opinionoňat pikirde bolmakto have a high opinion (of)pikir alyşmaexchange of opinions/views, discussionpikiriňi üýtgetmekto change one's minderbet pikirde bolmakto have a low opinion (of)Oňat pikir.It is a good idea.jemgyýetçilik pikiripublic opinionKelläme bir pikir geldi.It occurred to me.meniň pikirimçein my opinion, to my mindBu zat meniň pikirimde-de ýokdy.I didn't even think about it.pikire batmakto be in deep thoughtderýasyna gark bolmakcomp.to be lost in thought; opinion, point of viewküý-pikircomp.nthoughtMen bar küý-pikirim nädip şäherden iş tapmak.My total preoccupation is to find a job in the city.Pikir beriň!comp.Attention, please! Listen up!

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