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ahibakle (comp. of bakle, ahi) nom. season for thanksgiving celebration. Naken ahibakle ya dakol day umalin bumaddang an mumbayu nan dayyakot. During Thanksgiving many come to help in pounding the sticky rice. (sem. domains: - Festival, show.)

Krismas 1prop. the time of year when the birth of Christ is celebrated; Christmas. [The Christmas season in Ifugao is a time of enjoying parties and family gatherings.] Kottokottol hin Krismas. It is very cold during Christmas. (sem. domains: - Festival, show.) 2intrans. to spend Christmas in a place. Mungkrismas nadan u-ungad Baguio. The children will spend Christmas in Baguio. muN‑/nuN‑. Language Of Borrowing: English: Christmas.

palayd (sp. var. parayd) 1comm. a public procession for the purpose of celebrating an event; parade. Waday palayd hi bigat. There will be a parade tomorrow. (sem. domains: - Festival, show.) 2intrans. to march in a parade. Mumpalayd da nadan tindalu nah kalata. The soldiers are parading in the street. muN‑/nuN‑. (sem. domains: - Walk.) Language Of Borrowing: English.

parada comm. a parade. Dimmatong kami ad Lagawe ya nipalpu mo tuwaliy parada. When we reached Lagawe, the parade had already started. (sem. domains: - Ceremony, - Festival, show.)