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Alla prop. name of a mountain west of central Kiangan. (sem. domains: - Mountain.)

Amuyaw prop. a mountain name. [This word refers to the highest mountain peak in Ifugao; the only two people, Wigan and Bugan, who survived the flood were carried to this peak by the flood waters.] (sem. domains: - Mountain.)

Atade prop. name of a mountain in the area. Naakhop an bilid di Atade. Atade is a low mountain. Nagdey Atade handih nalauy duwampuluy toon. There was a landslide in Atade twenty years ago. (sem. domains: - Mountain.)

bilid 1comm. mountain. Hitu ked Ifugao ya dakol di bilid an maang-ang. Here in Ifugao, many mountains can be seen. Etaku munhabal nah bilid. Let us go to make a swidden in the mountains. Ot mungkampu dad Awwa an tap-on di bilid. And they had their camp at the top of the mountain called Awwa. Sim: duntug. (sem. domains: - Mountain.) 2intrans. to roam from mountain to mountain. Mumbilibilid day ulha. Wild pigs roam from mountain to mountain. muN‑ CV(C)CV‑. 3sta. to be mountainous, for an area to have many mountains. Mabilid nan kad-an di kudal. The ranch is mountainous.

dopla comm. steep, vertical face of a rock or mountain; cliff. Dimmop-a da nan babuy nah dopla. The pigs jumped from the cliff. Sim: duki. (sem. domains: - Mountain.)

duki comm. precipice; a very steep or hanging place. Sim: dopla. (sem. domains: - Mountain.)

duntug 1comm. a slight elevation of land; a hill. Nah duntug di nangiha-adan da nah bale da. On the hill is where they placed their house. Sim: bilid. (sem. domains: - Mountain.) 2sta. to be hilly. Maduntug nan kudal da. Their pasture land is hilly. ma‑.

ganad comm. a mountain ridge. (sem. domains: - Mountain.)

pugo₁ comm. 1a flat area on top of a hill; plateau. Tinanman da nan pugo hi balat. They planted the plateau with bananas. (sem. domains: - Mountain.) 2communal forest. 3refers to a hilly area with lower elevation than mountains. der. ipugo