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aluwog (sp. var. alwog) comm. a bamboo container for carrying water; the nodes have been pierced; usually. about six feet in length. Alam nan aluwog ta eka humagob nah ob-ob. You get the bamboo water container and go to fetch water from the spring. (sem. domains: 1.3 - Water, 6.7.7 - Container.)

danum 1comm. liquid of any kind, including a mother’s milk; liquid; water. Umala kah danum ta inumok. Get some water for me to drink. Comment on borrowing: Some speakers believe that this word has been borrowed from Ilocano and that liting is the correct Ifugao word. Syn: liting. (sem. domains: 1.3 - Water.) 2comm. a metaphor that means ‘a house burned down’. [This has been used as a metaphorical reference for ‘a house burned down’, used instead of ‘naghob nan bale’; used especially at night so as not to cause nightmares. (Matima Dulawan)] Inudmanah liting nan danum nan ihda. He added water into the broth of the viand. 3proc. to become watery. Dimmanum nan ingkail mu? Has the rice you are fermenting become watery? ‑um‑/‑imm‑. 4trans. to obtain or add water to something. Danumam nan intanom mu ta adi makleng. Water your plant so that it will not wither. Idanum mu nan malpuh gulipu. Use the water from the faucet. i‑/iN‑, ‑an/‑in‑ ‑an. Language Of Borrowing: Ilocano. id. nadanuman nan bale n. ph. danum di ihda n. ph. danum di niyug

dulnu 1comm. refers to the condensed moisture found on grass or gound; dew. Humigaak an umen nah garden te matina boy hukik hi dulnu. I don’t feel like going to the garden because my feet will be wet with dew. (sem. domains: 1.3 - Water.) 2sta. to be dewy or become dewy. Biggatna ke ya madulnu nan dalnon an ume nah garden. In the early mornings the path to the garden is dewy. ma‑.

hobwak comm. a spring of water from mountain slope; site where the water comes out of a mountain slope. Huyungon taku tun hobwak ta mapanuy liting. We will make a chute with bamboo for this spring so that the water will flow as one. Sim: otbol, ob-ob. (sem. domains: 1.3 - Water, - Spring, well.)

liting 1comm. water. [The potable water in the area comes from the springs flowing out of the mountains.] Eka umalah liting te nauwoak. Go and get some water because I’m thirsty. Mada-idaih ya pakayahyaak moppe te impainumanak hi liting. After a while, I could breathe again because she gave me a drink of water. Syn: danum. (sem. domains: 1.3 - Water.) 2trans. to put water on plants. Litingan yu nadan nitanom. Water the plants. ‑an/‑in‑ ‑an. 5A Changing state of site by adding something. 3proc. the process of something becoming moist or watery. Lumiting di ahin. Salt turns watery. ‑um‑/‑imm‑. infl. malting

long’ao 1comm. water in gaseous state produced by boiling; steam. Mahayumuhum di longaon di hinamal yu! The steam from your rice is sweet-smelling. (sem. domains: 1.3 - Water.) 2intrans. to produce steam. Kotol ke ya munlongaoy toko. When it is cold there’s steam from the mouth. muN‑/nuN‑.

luw’ag intrans. to emit bubbles; boiling water. Munluluwag nan in-init mun liting. The water you heated is bubbling. Gagalan lumuwag nan liting hin ongngalom nan apuy na. The water will boil faster if you add more fire. muN‑/nuN‑, ‑um‑/‑imm‑. 1B Movement with a directional component. Sim: bayakbak. (sem. domains: 1.3 - Water.)

ob-ob₁ comm. a spring of water. Eka humagob nah ob-ob. Go and fetch water from the spring. Sim: otbol, hobwak. (sem. domains: 1.3 - Water, - Spring, well.)

otbol 1comm. water coming from the ground; a spring. Adi matduk nan payo te waday otbol nah gawwana. The rice paddy will not dry up because there’s a spring at its center. Sim: hobwak, ob-ob. (sem. domains: 1.3 - Water.) 2intrans. to have water seeping out of the ground. Mun-otbol nah daulon nan bale ya paniowon di ammod. Water is seeping out of the ground and the old folks say it is a bad omen. muN‑/nuN‑.