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am-ama-an comm. thumb; big toe. Mulmulmulanay am-ama-ana. He is sucking his thumb. Whole: takle; Sim: ik-ikingngan, gawgawa-an; Gen: gam’at. (sem. domains: - Finger, toe.)

baking₁ sta. a deviated big toe which is in-born. Nabaking nan am-amma-an nan am-ama. The old man’s big toe is crooked. ma‑/na‑. 6A Physiological Process - State. (sem. domains: - Finger, toe.)

gamat di huki refers to all toes except the big one. (sem. domains: - Finger, toe.)

gum’ut (dial. var. gam’at) comm. fingers. Kaatnay gumut mu? How many fingers do you have? (sem. domains: - Finger, toe.) comp. gumut di huki

gumut di huki (comp. of gum’ut) comm. toes. Maid ohan gumut di huki na. One of his toes is missing (cut off). (sem. domains: - Finger, toe.)

kuku comm. fingernails; toenails. Kaanak nadan kukum teden dimmuke da bo. I’ll trim your fingernails because they are too long again. Nakaan di kukuk te nihipag nah batu. My nail was removed because it was hit against a stone. (sem. domains: - Finger, toe.)

lodlodongngan (der. of lod’ong) comm. the forefinger. Napalang di lodlodongan Juan. The forefinger of Juan was cut. Whole: takle; Gen: gam’at. (sem. domains: - Finger, toe.)