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ammung 1comm. a group that pools their money, and then, gives loans to members. Nadan imarket ya mundadammudah kabulabulan ta punhuhummanganan day panggep nan ammung da. Those from the market place gather once a month to talk about their cooperative venture. muN‑/nuN‑. Sim: ubbu, bokla, kalu. (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money, - Crowd, group.) 2trans. to contribute money to a cooperative group. Iammung ku tun hinggatut. I will give this one hundred pesos as my share capital. i‑/iN‑. 3B Move and release object. (sem. domains: - Working relationship.)

bimmalay apuy da (id. of ap’uy) they have savings (lit. their fire has embers). (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money.)

binting 1comm. a coin worth twenty-five centavos. Idattanak hi binting ya abu. Give me twenty-five centavos only. (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money.) 2sta. to be worth twenty-five centavos. Gumatang kah mabinting an ilukut. Buy twenty five centavos worth of cigarettes. ma‑. Language Of Borrowing: Ilocano.

dukkun₂ comm. a five centavo coin. Udmam hi dukkun nan pihhuna. Add five centavoes to his money. (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money.)

gala 1comm. donations or gifts of money given to a couple during their marriage celebration. [Dances are announced for each sitio. After the dancers finish they are served rice wine. They line up in a single file and put money in a container to start the couple in their married life.] Nan napanaun gala di kay da numpuunan. The money collected served as their capital. (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money.) 2intrans. to give a donation. Gumala taku ta kay taku baddang ke dida. Let’s give money as our help to them. ‑um‑/‑imm‑. (sem. domains: - Give, donate.)

ganansya (sp. var. ganansiya) 1comm. a gain in money; a profit. Ongal di ganansya na handi igattang na nan babuy. He made a big profit when he sold the pig. (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money.) 2intrans. to gain a profit. Mungganansya kah ongal hin he-ay mangied Lagawe. You will gain much if you will be the one who brings it to Lagawe. Gimmanansya hi ongal dih nunggattang hi bulhe. He gained a lot when he sold his beans. muN‑/nuN‑, ‑um‑/‑imm‑. Language Of Borrowing: Ilocano.

gomgomom tun pihu (id. of pihhu, gomgom) You save this money. ( lit. You close-hand this money.) (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money.)

halapi 1comm. fifty centavos. Halapi di nidat hi bayad nan kindi. Fifty centavos was given in payment for the candy. (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money.) 2sta. to be worth fifty centavos. Gimmattangak hi mahalapin ahin. I bought salt worth fifty centavoes. ma‑.

hepeng comm. one centavo. [A coin that is no longer in use.] Hepheppeng di pihhuk. I only have one centavo. (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money.)

ipun 1comm. refers to money that has been saved. Dakol di ipun da. They have many savings. (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money.) 2trans. to save money. Ipunom na pihhum nah bangko. Save your money in the bank. Language Of Borrowing: Ilocano.

kalang comm. silver coin. Waday himpipihun kalang ku. I have a one peso coin. (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money.)

kon kumaliy pihhu? (id. of pihhu) Do you have money? (lit. Does money talk?) (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money.)

kuarta comm. money; cash. Maid di kuarta taku te uggeyak nunsuweldu. We have no money because I did not receive my pay. Syn: pihhu. (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money.) Language Of Borrowing: Spanish: cuarta.

lab’at 1comm. interest payable for debts; money or in kind. Kaatnay labat di hinggatut an pihu? How much is the interest for one hundred pesos? (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money.) 2intrans. to gain interest. Munlabat hi ohan pihu tun himpulun pihu. This ten-peso-bill will have an interest of one peso. muN‑/nuN‑. 3trans. to charge interest. Adim palabaton hi ongal tun gawatok ke he-a. Don’t charge too much interest on what I’m borrowing from you. pa‑ ‑on. id. palabaton di kali

pasahe 1comm. fare. Indat ku moy pasahe taku. I already gave our fare. Sim: piliti. (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money.) 2v. to pay fare. Mumpasahe ka damdama kinali kudukdul nay umbun ka. You are going to pay your fare anyway so better sit down. Ibbaanak an umed Lagawe ta pasaheyan daka. Accompany me to Lagawe and I will pay for your fare. muN‑/nuN‑, ‑an/‑in‑ ‑an. Language Of Borrowing: Spanish: pasaje.

pensiyon 1comm. pension; retirement pay; disability pay. Waday dawdawwatonah pensiyon te tindalu handih gubat. He is receiving a pension because he was a soldier during the war. (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money.) 2intrans. to receive a pension. Mumpensiyon te nan imbabalenan tindalu. He receives a pension because his son was a soldier. muN‑/nuN‑. Language Of Borrowing: Spanish. der. pensiyonado

persiyento comm. a number based on a whole divided into 100 parts; percent. (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money.)

pihhu (sp. var. pihu) 1comm. money; cash. Hay ke bo pihhu ya adi nalnalgom on ginatang. And as for money, don’t just spend it on anything. In-eyam hi Juan hi pihhu? Did you take some money to Juan? Sayang di oras ya effort ya pihhu. Your time, effort and money are wasted. Syn: kuarta. (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money.) 2comm. monetary unit. Himpulun pihu di ohan kilon boga. Rice costs ten pesos a kilo. 3comm. one peso. Indatan dah pihu ot ume. They gave him one peso and he left. 4intrans. costs a peso each; worth one peso. Duway alak te mamihu damdama. I will get two because they cost one peso each. Mapihu di ginattang nan kindi. She bought candies worth one peso. maN‑, ma‑. der. pihhuwan id. gomgomom tun pihu id. kon kumaliy pihhu?

pihita comm. a coin worth twenty centavos. Pihita ya abuy pihhuk. Twenty centavos is all the money I have. (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money.) Language Of Borrowing: Spanish: peseta.

piliti (sp. var. pliti) 1comm. fare. Duwan pihu ta halapi di piliti an umed Lagawe. The fare to Lagawe is two pesos and fifty cents. Sim: pasahe. (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money.) 2trans. to pay fare. Mumpiliti mo tun unga te ongal mo. This child will pay his fare because he is already big. Pilitiyan daka hin pah-onom tun kalgak. I will pay for your fare if you carry my luggage. Ipiliti na nan manuk an od-odnana. He will use the chicken which he is holding to pay his fare. muN‑/nuN‑, ‑an/‑in‑ ‑an, i‑/iN‑. Language Of Borrowing: Ilocano.

pung’ak sta. to be penniless; to be bankrupt; to be broke (of money). Pumungak di tugal. Gambling can cause bankrupcy. Napungak te naapput handi hilong. He is penniless because he lost (in gambling) last night. ma‑/na‑, ‑um‑/‑imm‑. 6D Descriptives. (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money.) Language Of Borrowing: Ilocano. id. napungak di bolsa

puunan (der. of puun) nom. capital; monetary base. Naapput nan puunan na. He lost his capital. (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money.)

tapat 1comm. the interest on a loan. (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money.) 2trans. to name the interest amount. Tapatan tah hinggatu nan banhok. I will give interest of a hundred on what I will borrow. Itapat kuy ohan kinlum. I will give interest of one piglet. ‑an/‑in‑ ‑an, i‑/iN‑.

tungngul comm. refers to the money that is loaned to a member of a cooperative, ammung. [The member is obliged to pay the loan back when money is being loaned to another member of the group.] (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money.) Manuel Dulawan: Readings on Ifugao

umutang (infl. of utang) v. to borrow some money. Umutang kami hi pihhum. We will borrow some of your money. ‑um‑/‑imm‑. (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money.)