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andaan (daan) int. interrogative pronoun; where. Andaan mo ta deket waday takon di ittay an hinapulan an pihu ya intalu ta nangamung hi udum an algo an ahi nin makahhapul. If where ever now there is even a little money found, hide it until some day when you might need it badly. (sem. domains: - Question words.)

daan (sp. var. da-an) int. where; interrogative pronoun; asking for the location of something. Daanay nalpuwam. Where did you come from? Daan nan kanam an kihkihdiyam? Where did you say you are living? An daana udot di pangal-am hi em itugatugal? Where do you get the money to be continuously gambling. (sem. domains: 8.5 - Location, - Question words.) andaan comp. daana mo

dahdi int. who; interrogative pronoun asking for the identification of someone. Dahdi kan kumanugkug? Who are you, knocking? (at the door) Nahngang hi Jose ya kananay “Dahdi Anah”? Jose was shocked and said “Anah who?” (sem. domains: - Question words.) comp. dahdin

dahdin (comp. of dahdi, ke) int. who among; interrogative pronoun form asking for the identification of someone among a group. Dahdin diday panguluwan? Who among them is the eldest? (sem. domains: - Question words.)

nganneh diye (comp. of nganne) 1ind. refers to whatever is not clearly defined or stated. Mu ditakun mangulug di nangipainilaan nan Espiritun Apu Dios kediye te inila nan am-in nganneh diyen wadah nomnom Apu Dios. (1Corinth 2:10) But as for us believers, the Spirit of God makes that known to us because he knows all of whatever is in the mind of God. (sem. domains: - Indefinite pronouns.) 2int. what is that; the question is asked about something that is distant from both speaker and hearer or related to a third party. Nganneh diyen balen kapyaon yun kiha-adak? (Acts 7:49b) What is that house that you will build for me to live in? (sem. domains: - Question words.)

nganneh nae int. what is that; the question is asked about something that is near addressee or questions something that an addressee has said. Kanan Joab di “Nganneh naen pungkalim?” (2Samuel 18:14a) Joab said “What is that you are saying?” (sem. domains: - Question words.)

nganneh tuwe int. what is this; the question is asked about something that is near or related to the speaker. Kanan day “Nganneh tuwen etaku inat?” (Exodus 14:5a) They said “What is this that we have done?” (sem. domains: - Question words.)

oya₂ (fr. var. hiya) int. a tag question form to evoke a confirmation of a statement; Isn’t it so? right? don’t you? Hinaey kinalim, oya? That’s what you said, isn’t it? Kulugom, oya? You believe, don’t you? (sem. domains: - Question words.)

tipe int. why; an interrogative pronoun used to ask for a reason, cause or purpose. Tipet eka immali? Why did you come? Ot kanan Josey “Tipet eka munggagalan manayyu?” And Jose said “Why are you hurrying to go down?” Sim: nganat. (sem. domains: - Question words, - Reason.) comp. antipe comp. tipet

tipet (comp. of tipe) int. why is it? <This is a compound that consists of the question word tipe and the conjunction ta.> Tipet athitun am-in? Why is it that all of it is like this? (sem. domains: - Question words.)