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apo reiterate in speaking 1.1intrans. to tell, reiterate a story; to tell something several times; to reiterate out of anger or displeasure all the things one has done. [To reiterate can be considered either good or bad depending on the situation. It is sometimes used to make the hearer feel how indebted he is to the speaker.] Mun-ap-apo wak kanu ya- uggek inila nan ia-apok. Aga mot nan bumdang di ia-apok. According to them, I’ll tell a story; oh, I don’t know what to relate. Okay, I’ll tell a story about roaming spirits. mun‑. Sim: duti. (sem. domains: - Repeat.) 1.2trans. to say something in particular repeatedly In-apoaponay namaddanganan dakami. He reiterated all the help he gave us. i‑/iN‑.

dunge sta. to be telling or asking something again and again; to be nagging; to be reiterating. Nadunge ka hin nabutong ka. You are a nagger when you are drunk. ma‑/na‑. 6B Characteristics of human nature or life situation. Sim: duti. (sem. domains: - Repeat, - Complain.)

duti trans. to tell the same stories and events repeatedly. Idutidutinay numbaddanganan ha-on. She is always repeating stories about how she helped me. i‑/iN‑. Speech Verbs - Manner of speaking. Sim: apo; Sim: dunge. (sem. domains: - Repeat, 3.5.1 - Say.)

mumpidwa (der. of duwa) advpred. to do something twice; to repeat something. Umali kah tuh mumpidwah hinlingguwan. Come here twice a week. Mathematical. (sem. domains: - Repeat.)

pidwa (der. of duwa) to repeat. 1.1caus. cause something to be done twice; repeat. Adik mo ipidwa nae. I will not repeat that again. ipi. (sem. domains: - Repeat.) 1.2trans. to do a specific action twice. Adi mahapul an pidwaon Jose an tuwikon nan babuy te nate mo. Jose did not need to repeat piercing the pig because it was already dead. Pidwaom nan kinalim. Repeat what you said. pi‑ ‑on. 1.3v. to do something twice. Mumpidwaak an umaliyak an manibon dakayu. I will come to see you twice. Inunom nan agam hi mumpidwah kabigabigat. Drink your medicine twice daily. mumpi‑/numpi‑. pamidwa der. pidwana ph. v. pidwa bo