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awe 1comm. moon, first and third quarter, half moon (sem. domains: - Moon.) 2sta. moon, half in size [Most people do not plant during this time because the plants will bear few fruits.] Naawe nan bulan. Its’ a half-moon night. na‑.

balikukku comm. rings around the sun or moon. [If the ring around the moon has an opening, it is an omen that there will be a murder. The opening points toward the place where the murder will occur.] Ang-angom ke din balikukku din algo! Just look at the rings around the sun! (sem. domains: - Moon, 1.1.1 - Sun.)

bulan₁ 1comm. moon. Ongal nan bulan. The moon is big/full. (sem. domains: - Moon.) 2intrans. for the moon to shine. Indanit bumulan ta ahi taku ume. Wait for the moon to shine before we go. Bimmubbulan handi hilong. The moon shone brightly last night. Pinaddi min immeh bale da handih bimmulan. We purposely went to their house during a moonlit night. ‑um‑/‑imm‑. (sem. domains: 8.3.3 - Light.) 3comm. full moon; bright moon. Dakol di makihalud hin bulabbulan. There are many serenading/courting on the nights when the moon is full. Manomnom ku ya bulabbulan dih natayana. I remember he died on a full-moon-night. CV(C)CV‑ C‑. Ambulan bulabbulan natalak di bulan der. bumulan n. ph. kahabonan di bulan n. ph. kaha-alan di bulan n. ph. katalakan di bulan n. ph. katanungan di bulan n. ph. katom-angan di bulan n. ph. ongal di bulan

himma-al (sp. var. hima-al) comm. the first quarter of the moon. [The new moon may be seen at around 2:00 p.m. in the west.] Ad uwanin himma-al di pangayan mi mo. This lunar first quarter is time for us to leave. Hay udum an tatagu ya muntanom da hin himma-al di bulan. Some people plant when the moon is in the first quarter. (sem. domains: - Moon.)

kahabonan di bulan (n. ph. of bulan) comm. the first quarter of the moon (sem. domains: - Moon.)

kaha-alan di bulan (n. ph. of bulan) comm. the last quarter of the moon. (sem. domains: - Moon.)

katalakan di bulan (n. ph. of bulan) comm. new moon. Umala da allama na katalakan di bulan. They catch crabs during the new moon. (sem. domains: - Moon.)

katanungan di bulan (n. ph. of bulan) comm. full moon. Umali da katanungan di bulan. They will come during the full moon. (sem. domains: - Moon.)

katom-angan di bulan (n. ph. of bulan) nom. half-moon. Nah katom-angan di bulan ya waday umali. During half-moon, someone will come (sem. domains: - Moon.)

lonop comm. moon, last crescent; crescent-shape. (sem. domains: - Moon.)

muntanung comm. moon which is nearly full. Muntanung ya wadaday maminhod an muntanom. When the moon is nearly full, some would prefer to plant. (sem. domains: - Moon.)

natalak di bulan (bulan) comm. new moon (lit. the moon is lost). (sem. domains: - Moon.)

ongal di bulan (n. ph. of bulan, ongal) comm. full moon; big moon. Ongal di bulan kinali mun-ay-ayyam day u-unga nah dola. It’s a full moon, that is why the children are playing in the yard. Sim: bulabbulan. (sem. domains: - Moon.)