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ay’a adjunct. an expression meaning really true. Wada aya di tulang mun babai? Do you really have a sister? Attitudinal. (sem. domains: - True.)

kakulugana (der. of kulug) nom. the correct interpretation is; truthfully. Hay kakulugana ya naatuwak. Truthfully, I’m tired./The truth is, I’m tired. Hay kakulugana ya am-in tun matibom ya bagik. The truth is that everything you see is mine. Hay kakulugana ya maid di pumpiliyan da. Truthfully, they have no choice. (sem. domains: - True.)

kitib-anan (der. of tibo) nom. something that can be seen that gives evidence for the truth; evidence. Hidiyey kitib-anan maid di bahul na. That is evidence that he has no fault. (sem. domains: - True, - Witness, testify.)

mahma trans. 1to inquire; to investigate. Mahmahan hin dahdiy nakabahul ke da naen tulun u-unga. Investigate to see who among those three children is at fault. ‑an/‑in‑ ‑an. 5C Goal-oriented sites. Sim: hanhan. (sem. domains: - Ask.) 2to confirm the truth of something. Namahmahan an nan imbabalek di numbahul. It was confirmed that my child is the guilty one. Hay numbanagana ya namahmah kayun hintutulang an mangibagin naen nun-aammung di tatagu. The result was that you brothers were confirmed to be the ones to have what was contributed by the people. na‑/na‑ ‑an. (sem. domains: - True.)

makulug (der. of kulug) sta. to be true; refers to something that can be believed; truth. Makulug an uggem intalu? Is it true that you didn’t hide it? An makulug nan kinalim? Did you tell us the truth? Makulug an tagu nan tinibo yu. The thing you saw is truly a person. ma‑. Sim: tut-uwa, siguladu. (sem. domains: - True.) ph. v. makulug man ahan

makulug man ahan (ph. v. of makulug) adjunct. 1the use of this phrase implies that a speaker is absolutely certain that what he is saying is true. Makulug man ahan ot adi tumakut ke he-a. He is certainly not afraid of you. Makulug man ahan an ahim kalyon ke hiya. You will certainly tell him. Attitudinal. (sem. domains: - Certainly, definitely.) 2honestly; actually; really, truly. Makulug man ot uggek inilay pinhod na. I honestly don’t know what she wants. (sem. domains: - True.)

ot tuwali (comp. of tuwali, ot) adjunct. asserting the truth to correct a mistaken statement or assumption. Hinaey kanam mu pinpinhod ot tuwali uminum. That’s what you say but, in fact, you like to drink. attitudinal. (sem. domains: - True.)

tuwali adjunct. 1expresses the truth of something; matches objective reality; actually; of course; in fact. Kon ot tuwali ad-adiy nomnom mu kinali in-athinam. Of course, you have an evil mind, that’s why you did it that way. Om ot tuwali. Yes, of course. Ugge na ot tuwali inila. In fact, he doesn’t actually know. Kon ena ot kuma inila mu he-a tuwaliy nanudtudun hiya. He would not have known how to do that; but, you in fact, were the one who taught him. Aga ke tuwalit ha-oy di kumalin hiya ot donglona man. Let me be the one to actually talk to him because, for sure, he will listen to what I will say. Nipalpu tuwali handih kaittay na ya maka-ulle. Ever since he was small, in fact, he has been very kind. Athina tuwali di nanomnoman. That’s the way to be a mature person. Attitudinal. Sim: talaga, sigud. (sem. domains: - True.) 2refers to the essential or inherent nature of something; innate. It-ittay ka te ittay ot tuwali damdamah inam. It’s natural that you are small because your mother is also small. Athina ka tuwali. You are like that by nature. comp. ot tuwali

ya-o adjunct. an expression of truth; it’s true. Ya-o, maid di tatagu. It’s true, there are no people. Interjection. (sem. domains: - True.)