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ayyam 1recreation time. 1.1intrans. refers to spending recreational time with others; may be used in regard to both children and adults. 2friend. 2.1comm. playmate; friend. Immali nan ayyam ku. My friend came. Syn: gayyum. (sem. domains: 9.7.1 - Name of a person.) 2.2intrans. to befriend someone. Ayyamon yu nadan udum an u-unga. Play with/Befriend the other children. ‑on. ayyamon. 3intrans. Adim mo painnay-ayyam te mahapul an mun-istudy kah ustu. You are not going to squander your time because you must study. (sem. domains: 4 - Social behavior.) ayyamon der. mangay-ayyam

Balog₁ prop. a male name. Nangan moh Balog. Balog ate already. (sem. domains: 9.7.1 - Name of a person.)

Bugan 1prop. a woman’s name, one of the most popular Ifugao names. [In the hudhud, the main heroine is usually Bugan, wife of Aliguyon.] Ha-on hi Bugan an in-Aliguyon. I am Bugan, wife of Aliguyon. (sem. domains: 9.7.1 - Name of a person.) 2prop. the daughter of the Skyworld god, Wigan, who with her brother, Kabbigat, produced the first Ifugao. [father was Wigan] (sem. domains: 4.9.2 - Supernatural being.) 3comm. in traditional speech and oral literature, the name may simply be used to refer to a woman.

ibunat (infl. of bunat) trans. to name after a relative; to use an ancestor’s name. Imbunat nah apunan hi Malayyu. She inherited her grandmother’s name, Malayyu./She is named Malayyu after her grandmother. i‑/iN‑. 3I Direct an action toward an object. (sem. domains: 9.7.1 - Name of a person.)

Kabbigat₁ prop. name of man, common in traditional society; can be surname. Kabbigat di ngadan apu da. Kabbigat is the name of their grandfather. Mundayyu kat ume kah baleda ta em ayagan hi Kabbigat ta pumbaddang kun mangilagim tuh babuy. Descend and go to their house to call Kabbigat so that I will have his help in singeing this pig. (sem. domains: 9.7.1 - Name of a person.)