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Ballugu prop. a woman’s name. Hi Ballugu di ngadan apu. The name of my grandmother is Ballugu. (sem. domains: 9.7.3 - Name of a thing.)

mahikon (infl. of hikon) 1comm. a fond or loving address to a little boy; a male baby may be called this before a name is given. Daan ka nah mahikon. Where are you, my little boy. Matugun ka ke mahikon. Be disciplined, son. Makah tu, mahikon. Come here, little boy. (sem. domains: 9.7.3 - Name of a thing.) 2intrans. refers to the durative time of being a boy; boyhood der. nunmahikon

ngadan 1comm. name. Nganney ngadan mu? What is your name? Nganne pe nan hamuti an ib-ibbaag nay ngadana? What is the bird that keeps calling its name? Sim: apulidu. (sem. domains: 9.7.3 - Name of a thing.) 2intrans. to go by the name of. Mungngadan hi Pedro nan immali di indai. The one who came a while ago goes by the name of Pedro. muN‑/nuN‑. 3trans. to give a name to someone. Ngadanan dah Juan nan golang. They will name the child Juan. Ingngadanan dah Amlihhew te nangudu. They named her Amlihhew because she is a grumbler. ‑an/iN‑ ‑an. 4trans. to name something. Hidiyen kaiw ya nginadanan dah pungkogaan da. As for that tree, they named it 'the place of their crying'. (sem. domains: 9.7 - Name.) infl. ngadanon

pugut prop. dark negroid featured people in Isabela. [Some are known as Aetas.] Nalaing dan mun-anup di Pugut. Th pugut-people are good hunters. Sim: Ayta. (sem. domains: 9.7.3 - Name of a thing.)

takpal 1comm. to make a comparison and call someone by the name of something that has a characteristic that is being attributed to that person. Akup di takpal dan hiya te humanawwangan nah hilong. They call him an owl because he keeps roaming around at night. (sem. domains: 9.7.3 - Name of a thing.) 2intrans. to pair a boy and girl and tease them. Itakpal dan ha-oy an napukok nan tagu. They pair and tease me about the short fellow. Intakpal dan hiya hi Juan ya bimmoh-ol. They paired and teased her about Juan and she got mad. i‑/iN‑.