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bat’u 1comm. stone; rock, generic. Manomnom kun handi keh kau-unga mi ya wadaday nihag-on kediyen ob-ob hi o-ongal an batu. I remember that when we were children, there were big rocks beside the same spring. Inwalakana hanan lata ot ikawot na hanah ongal an batu. She let go of the can and held on to a big stone. Um-umbun nah tap-on nan ohan ongal an batu. She was sitting on top of a big rock. spec: dulmug, muling, talugtug. (sem. domains: - Rock.) 2sta. to be rocky, refers to ground that is full of rocks. Mabatu nan luta da. Their land is full of rocks. Mabatu nan habal da. Their camote patch has lots of rocks. ma‑. 3use rocks. 3.1trans. to lay rocks for a path or road. Batuwan yu nan dalan/kalata. Place stones/rocks on the road/path. ‑an/‑in‑ ‑an. 3.2trans. to throw a stone or rock. Adim ibnal nan batu. Do not throw the stone. der. binattu

dulmug comm. rock, white variety; breaks up easily. Adi tumaguy mitanom nah dulmug. Plants do not grow in rocky places. Sim: muling, talugtug; Spec: buttigi; gen: bat’u. (sem. domains: - Rock.)

muling comm. a smooth, round stone variety. Dakol di muling hi kadaklan. There are many smooth stones in the river. Inumbunak nah muling nah daulon di alang da. I sat on the smooth stone under their granary. Sim: talugtug, dulmug; gen: bat’u. (sem. domains: - Rock.)

pantal comm. sand or gravel. Iwahit mu nan pantal nah mapitok an dalan. Spread the sand on the muddy path. Sim: lon’a, dalat. (sem. domains: - Rock, - Soil, dirt.)

pingping 1comm. stones broken from boulders, used in building stone retaining walls. (sem. domains: - Rock.) 2trans. to cut stones. Pingpingon yu hituwen batu ta itping taku nah payo. Cut this stone into riprap size to be used in the field. Nan piningping di itping yuh tu. The stones you cut from boulders into riprap are here. ‑on/‑in‑. 4A Change the structure of object. (sem. domains: 7.8.3 - Cut.)

talugtug comm. a semi-soft rock; two varieties: one is reddish in color, the other is whitish; may be used to mix with earth in building stone walls. Adiyu itping di talugtug de dadagonay tuping. Don’t use talugtug-rock as riprap because it will destroy the terrace wall. Sim: muling, dulmug; gen: bat’u. (sem. domains: - Rock.)

talungtug comm. a very soft rock that breaks easily and should not be used in retaining walls. (sem. domains: - Rock.)