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bel’et 1intrans. to hurry; to move or walk as fast as possible. Mumbelet an immanamut. He hurried as he went home. muN‑/nuN‑. Sim: butik. (sem. domains: - Move quickly, - Walk.) 2advpred. to hurry an action or activity. Beletan yu ta adi kayu mataynan. Walk fast so that you will not be left behind. Belebeletan Marya an mundallan ta wadan akhupanah Bugan. Marya walked fast so that she would be able to catch up with Bugan. Iblet yu nan mundogo nah ospital. Quickly take the sick person to the hospital. ‑an/‑in‑ ‑an, i‑/iN‑. Time.

hiyak sta. to be dispersed; to go, running in different directions from a gathered group; people disperse quickly because of fear. Nahiyak nadan tatagu handi waday mun-aawit. Those people scattered when there was fighting. Mahiyak di tatagu ten waday mumpapatte. People scatter when there is a killer around. ma‑/na‑. (sem. domains: - Move quickly.)

ibtik muy altem (id. of alte) flee for your life (lit. you run-away with your liver). (sem. domains: - Move quickly.)

lahhe intrans. to race without a destination. muN‑/nuN‑. (sem. domains: - Move quickly.)

Mahaghaggiling an mange. (id. of haggiling) he is walking very fast. (lit. he is rolling like a wheel in going) Mahaghaggiling an mange te immalih ina na an nalpud Manila. He is walking very fast to meet his mother who arrived from Manila. (sem. domains: - Move quickly.)

putik intrans. to spurt liquid; a forcible gush of liquid. Mumputik di dala nah napalang. The blood is spurting from the wound. Pumutik nan gulipu hin kaanok tun taklek. The pipe will spurt water if I remove my hand. muN‑/nuN‑, ‑um‑/‑imm‑. 1A Movement with a manner component. (sem. domains: - Move quickly.)

wewet (sp. var. wiwit) intrans. to go fast; to speed. Munwewet nan talak handi nala-uh tu. The truck was going fast when it passed by here. muN‑/nuN‑. 1A Movement with a manner component. (sem. domains: - Move quickly.)