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Bulul comm. a class of gods symbolized by wooden statues resembling a person; considered to be spirits that guard granaries and forests. [It is believed that the rice-gods come to dwell in the statues to guard every Ifugao rice granary and village.] Waday bulul hi alang mi. There is a wooden statue of a god in our granary. Sim: hip’ag, tinattaggu. (sem. domains: - Idol.) Lourdes S. Dulawan: Ifugao Culture and History der. mumbulul

hip’ag₁ comm. small wooden carved human images. [The images are used in rituals.] Sim: Bulul, tinattaggu. (sem. domains: - Idol.)

Mamayang prop. a god of reproduction who causes conception. [It has been suggested that long ago the root may have been bayang referring to a fetus.] Mahapul an konngan di Mamayang. It is necessary to offer a sacrifice to the god of conception. Sim: mamayabbayang. (sem. domains: - Idol.)

tagu₁ 1comm. man; human; person. Hay punnomnom hanadan tatagu handih done ya nadan tatagud uwani ya ongal di ugge da nun-ingngohan. The way people long ago thought does not compare at all with the way people of today do. Ambiambilog ya dakkodakkol di tatagu. It is wide and there are plenty of people. Deket kanan nan tagu di humagabi, ipainila na ni-an hi iibana When a man decides to perform the hagabi-ritual, he must first inform all his relatives (sem. domains: 2 - Person.) 2comm. young adult; teenager. <Morphology: kat-agu> (sem. domains: - Youth.) 3sta. to be alive; to revive. Nganney hangliw di nitaguwan hin mihahhaad kah nunhituwam an adika bumudal an makidammuh tatagu? What’s the joy of living if you stay in your house all the time and never go out to meet people? Inilak ot adiyak e mitmittagun munligligat te waday homok di namyun ha-oy. I know that I will not be living in hardship because the one who created me is merciful. Hay kanan di doctor ya aga kanuy nanagun he-a. According to the doctor, medicine will revive you. ni‑ ‑an, miC‑ CVC, naN‑. 4comm. physical stature. <Inflected form: katagu> (sem. domains: 2.1 - Body.) 5comm. to survive, to revive. <Inflected form: tumagu> 6comm. a carved wooden statue of a person used in the traditional religion. <Inflected form: tinattaggu> (sem. domains: - Idol.) der. katagu der. katagutagu der. kat-agu der. makitaguttagu infl. tatagu say. Hay tagu umat hi bulan, naongal on naittay.

tinattaggu comm. a wooden idol; the shape has similarities to the human figure. [This can also refer to figurines or any wooden, fern or mud figure resembling a man.] Iem tun tinattaggu nah alang. Bring this wooden idol to the granary. Sim: hip’ag, Bulul. (sem. domains: - Idol.)