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dalom₂ 1adj. deep, measured from the surface, extending downward, e.g. depth of water or hole in the ground. Adi adalom nan nungkekeyan mi. The place where we swam is not deep. Adalom nan puhung. The pool is deep. a‑/an‑. Dimension quantifier. Opp: tappo; Sim: halom. (sem. domains: - Deep, shallow.) 2nom. underneath a surface. Nah dalom di pitok di kihdiyan di yuyu. It is underneath mud that Japanese fish live. (sem. domains: - Under, below.) 3proc. for something like a river to become deep. Dimmalom nan wangwang te immolwang. The river deepened because of the flash flood. ‑um‑/‑immi‑. (sem. domains: - Become, change state.) 4trans. to bury or put something deep. An indalom muy nangilubuk mu ta adi mahamuy? Did you bury it deep so that it can’t be smelled? i‑/iN‑. 3A Move and position object at site. (sem. domains: - Put in.) der. dallom der. kadalom der. kinadallom id. nidalom ni pungkalkalli infl. adallom n. ph. ad dalom

daul (sp. var. da-ul) comm. to go to a place of lower elevation. Ya tagan dah dopap nah langtay ya napudan da nah nundaul. And they kept grappling/wrestling on the bridge and they rolled off it to the lower area. muN‑/nuN‑. (sem. domains: - Under, below.)

daulon (der. of da-ul) nom. a space between the floor of a structure and the ground. Intattayun na nan kubi nah da-ulon. He hung the chicken coop under the house. (sem. domains: - Under, below.)

uyu-uy adv. the space or area below a named thing. Ek inala nan tingting nah uyu-uy di balat ya akasya. I went and got taro-leaves below the banana-plant and acacia-tree. Limiting and maximizing. (sem. domains: - Under, below.)