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ebidensiya comm. refers to something that furnishes proof of an action or event or something that is said; evidence. (sem. domains: 9.4.5 - Evidentials.)

kay ahan ya advpred. expresses the idea that something that has been wished or hoped for is finally happening. Modality. (sem. domains: 9.4.5 - Evidentials.)

kinwani advpred. necessity; indicates that something is indispensible. Kinwaninay pihhuh pun-adal. Money is a necessity in schooling. Kinwaninay wadaak ta ahim ingngunu. It is necessary that I be here before you work. Kinwaninay ha-oy tuwali. It is necessary that I really be the one. Kinkinwaniy apul ta ahi ta mummoma. Lime is a necessity before we can chew betel mix. Modality. Sim: mahapul, importante. (sem. domains: 9.4.5 - Evidentials.)