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guk-ung adj. empty; describes a container as having nothing in it. Mahapul an yuduwon dat bumudal nan guk-ung di papan ta ahida bo ha-adan hi ohan papan. They needed to push out the empty bullet shell with a stick and insert another one. Qualifier. (sem. domains: - Empty.)

kingngao sta. to be empty; an empty room or space. Kumikingngao ad Linda kinali dimmayyuwak. There are no people around in Linda that is why I came down. CV‑ ‑um‑. (sem. domains: - Empty.)

kupo 1sta. to be empty of content, e.g. the husk of grain or nits. Nakupo nan page te tiniptip di buding. The rice-grains are empty because the ricebirds sucked them. Nakupo nan kinaan dan ilit na. The nits they removed were empty. na‑. 6C Process or state of inanimate objects. (sem. domains: - Empty.) 2comm. may refer to a bile sac which is white not green, observed during a ritual.

putlung adj. describes a legume that is seedless. Putlung nan intanom nan bulhe nah pingkol. The beans he planted in the mulch mounds are still seedless. Qualifier. (sem. domains: - Empty.)

waya 1sta. to be vacant; an unoccupied space. Umbun ka ot nawaya. Sit down because there is a lot of room. na‑. 6C Process or state of inanimate objects. (sem. domains: - Empty.) 2free time. 2.1comm. free, unscheduled time. Maid waya nan e mun-ay-ayyam. He has no free time to go play. (sem. domains: 8.4.1 - Period of time.) 2.2n. to be sitting around doing nothing even though there is work to be done; to be idle. Wayawayah kabigabigat hi Maria te uggena inila mungngunu. Maria is idle everyday because she doesn’t know how to work. (sem. domains: - Lazy.) Language Of Borrowing: Ilocano.