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halinduwa intrans. to be unsure about a decision between two things; to be double-minded; to have doubts about someone or something. An waday munhalinduwan ke ha-on? Is there anyone who doubts me? Adika munhalinduwa. Don’t have any doubts. muN‑/nuN‑. Sim: ogon. (sem. domains: - Probably.)

kananat adjunct. expresses either a possibility or probability. <The word always co-occurs with the conjunction hin.> Ya hin kananat manganga ta adi pakakalit maid di innunan mumbaki. And if he cannot speak, then there is no one who can say the rituals and prayers. Attitudinal. (sem. domains: - Probably.) comp. hin kananat comp. kananaket

wada nin (comp. of wada, nin) exispred. an existential predicate phrase that asserts that something is probable; possible; something possibly exists or is in place. Bokon an nan eda adiyan mu wada nin an maid punnomnom dan hiya. It’s not that they reject him but it’s probably that they don’t think about him. (sem. domains: - Probably.)