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hugangngit intrans. to contradict each other; to argue. Makahugangngit dan hintulang da Maria ya hi Ana. The sisters, Maria and Ana, are always arguing. Deyan munhugangngit da bo! There, they are arguing again. muN‑/nuN‑, maka‑. 1C General class. (sem. domains: - Contradict.)

yaden deman ot conj. this phrase is a combination of conjunctions and adjuncts that connect two clauses; it combines the idea of contraexpectation or contradiction related to the first statement, along with the emphatic modal idea that the truth of the second statement should be obvious; and yet, see there; instead, see there. Kay makaphod di aton da ya kalyon da yaden deman ot an gaga-ihoy wadah nomnom da. (Psalm 26:4) It is as though what they do and say is very good, and yet, see there, what is in their mind is bad. Kay makakullug an makaphod da yaden deman ot an hauhaulon da nadan nabalun binabait pun-ala day limmu da. (Mark 12:40) It is as though they are truly very good, instead see there, they are deceiving widows so that they can get their property. Compounding conjunctions and adjuncts. (sem. domains: - Contradict.)