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innang advpred. a limiting concept; almost; nearly. Maphod ta immali ka te innang an umeyak. It’s good that you came because I almost left. Innang ta mungkaanak hi iskul. I almost dropped out of school. Limiting and maximizing. Sim: dandani. (sem. domains: - Approximate.)

ot₂ 1adv. a limiting modifier; not exactly or entirely, but very nearly. Nalgab ot hi bale. The house almost burned down. Kay na ot kanan di Lata. Ina, kon wada damdamay nangang-angam ketuwen bibiyo? kanak. “It was like she said Lata. Mother, have you also seen this fairy?” I asked. Limiting and maximizing. (sem. domains: - Approximate.) 2adjunct. expresses an uncertain contraexpectation. Maule ot di bibiyo te umidat hi kendi, hiya ina? an kanak bo. “Mother, fairies are kind aren’t they because they give us candy,” I said. Attitudinal. 3adv. about to go and do something. {When the e form is combined with the adverb ot, the implication is that someone was about to go and do something but did not do it at that time.} comp. deya ot an comp. ot tuwali