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ipaanhan (der. of anhan) adjectival predicate. to make an action or activity important; to give preference to; to prioritize. (sem. domains: - Important.)

mangipaanhan (der. of anhan) trans. to make something very important or valuable; the form of the verb cross-references whoever does this. Hanadan mangipaanhan hi planu na ya mangun-unud ke tuguna. Those who highly value his plan will continuously follow his advice. mangipa‑/nangipa‑. (sem. domains: - Important, - Value.)

paanhanon (infl. of anhan) trans. to prioritize; to make something the most important or most valuable. Paanhanom an aton ni-an nan kinalik ta ahim aton di udum an ngunum. Make what I told you the first thing you do before your other work. pa‑ ‑on/impa‑ ‑on. (sem. domains: - Important.)