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kumpulmi (sp. var. kumpulna) dem. refers to an indefinite time, place or thing; any. Hin itikod nan mumbaki ya wadanwaday takut na an kumpulmin tiempu ya mate. If he stopped doing the rituals, his fear is that he might die anytime. Indefinite pronoun. Sim: logom. (sem. domains: - Indefinite pronouns.)

nganneh diye (comp. of nganne) 1ind. refers to whatever is not clearly defined or stated. Mu ditakun mangulug di nangipainilaan nan Espiritun Apu Dios kediye te inila nan am-in nganneh diyen wadah nomnom Apu Dios. (1Corinth 2:10) But as for us believers, the Spirit of God makes that known to us because he knows all of whatever is in the mind of God. (sem. domains: - Indefinite pronouns.) 2int. what is that; the question is asked about something that is distant from both speaker and hearer or related to a third party. Nganneh diyen balen kapyaon yun kiha-adak? (Acts 7:49b) What is that house that you will build for me to live in? (sem. domains: - Question words.)