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tikdo comm. a frog species. (sem. domains: - Amphibian.)

tokyang comm. frog, slim and long-legged species. Waday on pimmaytuk an tokyang. There’s a frog that has just jumped. gen: bakbak. (sem. domains: - Amphibian.)

tukak comm. a tree frog, thin species. Dakol di tukak nah wa-el. There are many frogs in the creek. Sim: tukyang, kuty’ang; gen: bakbak. (sem. domains: - Amphibian.)

tukyang comm. a frog species, very small; cannot really jump making it a snake’s favorite dish. Kinan nan ulog nan tukyang kinali waday mun-itit nah makape. The snake ate the tukyang-frog that is why there is a hissing sound among the coffee plants. Sim: tukak, kuty’ang. (sem. domains: - Amphibian.)

tuyyong 1comm. tadpole. Mahong-oy tuyyong an ihda. Tadpoles are delicious for viand. (sem. domains: - Amphibian.) 2intrans. to catch tadpoles with the use of a bamboo sieve. Eda manuyyong ta ipal-it da. They are going to catch tadpoles and cook them in taro leaves. maN‑.