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Bert prop. shortened form of a common proper name among the Ifugao, Alberto.

imbango (infl. of bango) comm. 1bride price; animals for engagement, three pigs are required. In-e day imbangon nan tulang ku ot ume kamit emi bolwaon. They brought the bride price to my cousin so we went to take our share. Tulun babuy di pinalti da nah imbangon Bugan. Three pigs were butchered for Bugan’s bride price. In-e day imbango na. They brought his engagement animals. (sem. domains: 2.6.1 - Marriage.) 2an engagement ceremony; betrothals have historically been arranged for their children by parents anytime from infancy through puberty.

palipal comm. a node of bamboo used for rhythmic cadence during ritual. {ritual} Frans Hubert Lambrecht: Ifugaw-English Dictionary

wana comm. the portions of boiled meat that are distributed to those who work at a feast.. Frans Hubert Lambrecht: Ifugaw-English Dictionary

gansu (sp. var. gantu) 1comm. goose. Dakol di gansun Albert ke Jenny. Jenny and Albert have a lot of geese. (sem. domains: - Bird.) 2intrans. to raise geese. Munggansu kat waday uggan taku ihda. Raise geese for our viand. muN‑/nuN‑. Language Of Borrowing: Spanish.

kad-an (sp. var. kawad-an) comm. near the place where someone or something is located. Hituy kad-an da Berto. This is the place of the Berto family. Ad Makati ke ya hituy kad-an di kakadangyan. In Makati is where the rich people are. Bimmangun da ot umedah kad-an ina da. They got up and went to their mother. (sem. domains: - Vicinity.)

ngilin₂ comm. a person who sees to it that everything goes as planned in a death or wedding feast; to coordinate. Hi Berto di mungngilin nah kasar. Berto will be the one to coordinate the wedding. muN‑/nuN‑. (sem. domains: - Expert.)