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ambule advpred. No wonder!; So that’s why!; an exclamation of understanding the reason for something. Immeyak ad da-ul. Maid hi Josephine ot ibagak. E numboka, ambuley maid hidi. I went downtown. Josephine wasn’t there so I asked about her. She went to dig camote, that’s why she wasn’t there. Evaluative. Sim: kinali, hana mon. (sem. domains: 9.2.2 - Adverbs.)

hana mon (sp. var. na mon) adjunct. marks the result of an action or event; therefore.
Te hi Jesu Kriston namahuwan di nihannot an idinol taku ta hana mon pinhod Apu Dios di aton taku. (Romans 7:4c)
Because of Jesus Christ’s resurrection we were changed to trust him and as a result, God is pleased with what we do.
Attitudinal. Sim: kinali, ambule. (sem. domains: - Result.)

kinali conj. that is why; therefore; thus; marks the result of an event or action that expresses the reason for that result. {Marks the result clause of a reason-result sentence.} Ugge tinugon di aammod na kinali bumongabongang. He was not advised by his parents that is why he is doing bad things. Mu nalpud Belgium kinali mablay bolat na. But she came from Belgium, that’s why her skin is white. Coordinate conjunctions. Sim: hana mon, ambule. (sem. domains: - Cause, - Reason.)