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baal 1comm. messenger; utility man during a rich man’s feast. Hiya nan baal Juan. He is the messenger of Juan. Sim: hon’ag, tud-ak, gitgit. (sem. domains: - Report.) 2trans. to send someone on an errand; to command or order. Baalon dakan e gumattang hi itlog. I am going to send you to buy some eggs. Dakami nan ba-ba-alon Apu Dios an mangitudduh kalina. We are God’s messengers to teach his words. Adi mabaal tun unga. This child cannot be sent on an errand. ‑on/‑in‑, ma‑. 4F Adjacency/Adjoining actions. (sem. domains: - Send.) infl. mabaal

mabaal (infl. of baal) intrans. to voluntarily take sides with someone in a fight; to be aroused to action. Nabaal ot ya abuwan hi Jose nah nundamaan da Pedron Pablu. Jose voluntarily helped Pedro when they fought with Pablu. ma‑/na‑.

mumbaal (infl. of baal) intrans. to serve or act as a servant for others. Diday mumbaal hi tatagu. They are the ones who should serve others. muN‑/nuN‑. 1C General class. (sem. domains: - Working relationship.) Manuel Dulawan: Readings on Ifugao

gitgit 1intrans. to command or order someone to do something, good or bad. Hiyay nunggitgit ke ha-on. He was the one who commanded me. muN‑/nuN‑. Sim: hon’ag, tud-ak, baal. (sem. domains: - Command.) 2trans. Inggitgit nah tulang na ot ibtik da nan pihhu. He ordered his brother to steal the money.

hon’ag 1trans. to send someone on an errand. Honagom hi Pedro ta ena ayagan hi amana. Send Pedro to call his father. ‑on/‑in‑. 4F Adjacency/Adjoining actions. Sim: tud-ak, baal, gitgit. (sem. domains: - Send.) 2intrans. to arrange a marriage. Munhonag da kanu da Dulnuan hi balen da Allaga. They say that the Dulnuans are sending a messenger to arrange a marriage with the Allagas. muN‑/nuN‑.

tud-ak trans. to send someone on an errand. Itud-ak muh Bugan ta e humagob. Send Bugan to fetch water. Intud-ak nay inayana e gumatang hi boga. She sent her husband to buy rice. Adina pinhod an mitud-ak. He does not want to be sent on an errand. i‑/iN‑, mi‑/ni‑. 3I Direct an action toward an object. Sim: hon’ag, baal, gitgit. (sem. domains: - Send.) infl. itud-ak

humtik 1intrans. to click the tongue in disapproval. Adika humumtik hi waday pingunu dan he-a. Do not click your tongue when they have some work for you. ‑um‑/‑imm‑. 2D Vocal sounds, expressing feeling. (sem. domains: - Types of sounds.) 2comm. sound of clicking of tongue in complaint, disapproval or in amazement. Dingngol nay humtik di e daka baalon. She heard the click of your tongue when she was about to send you for an errand. 3intrans. to click the tongue; durative aspect. Munhumhumtik handi naapput hi tulang na. He was clicking his tongue when his brother lost. muN‑/nuN‑.

senyorita 1comm. a young lady who just wants to laze around. [Used as part of a sarcastic remark.] Adiyu baalon hi tulang yu te senyorita peman. Do not send your sister on an errand because she just wants to laze around. 2intrans. to act like a rich woman who does nothing; to be lazy. Munsenyorita bo nan imbabalem. Your daughter is feeling lazy again. muN‑/nuN‑. Language Of Borrowing: Spanish.