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bakgit 1comm. teeth, canine, the four pointed teeth next to the incisors; tusks; fangs. Andukke mo nan bakgit nan babuy. The pig’s tusks are already long. Sim: ngut-u, wolwol, bikhal. (sem. domains: - Tooth.) 2sta. to have tusks. Nabakgitan mo nan babuy da. Their pig has already grown tusks. ma‑ ‑an/nz‑ ‑zn.

bikhal comm. tusks, of a boar. Makulhiy dotag na te nabikhalan. It’s flesh is hard because it already has tusks. (i.e. it is old) Sim: ngut-u, bakgit, wolwol. (sem. domains: 2.1 - Body.)

ngut-u comm. teeth, incisor; refers to the four front teeth, both top and bottom. Nihuttet ot mapangu nan ngut-u na. He tripped and his front teeth were removed. Sim: bakgit, wolwol, bikhal. (sem. domains: - Tooth.)

wolwol (sp. var. wowwol) comm. the wisdom teeth; molars. Ugge pay tinummol di wolwol ku. My wisdom teeth have not yet developed. Sim: ngut-u, bakgit, bikhal; gen: bob-a. (sem. domains: - Tooth.)