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battug comm. leopard frog, found in brooks or rivers. Dakol di dimpap dah battug ot ihongba da. They caught many battug-frogs and roasted them. Rana pipiens Sim: palpal; gen: bakbak. (sem. domains: - Reptile.)

bakbak 1comm. frog. Manling day bakbak ten umudan. The frogs croak when it rains. Nakangalay bakbak nah hilong. The frogs are very noisy especially at night. spec: tokyang, battug, tukak. (sem. domains: - Reptile.) 2comm. a lot of frogs. Kabakbabakbak di matiboh iggatang dah di. It’s all frogs that can be seen which are sold there. 3trans. to catch frogs. maN‑/naN‑. der. mamakbak id. kay da nadulhukan nan bakbak

palpal comm. a frog, big belly species. [The belly of the frog expands if filliped repeatedly.] Dakol di dimpap dah palpal. They were able to catch many frogs. Sim: battug. (sem. domains: - Reptile.) id. kay kayu palpal id. kay palpal