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bayyung 1comm. strand of hair left uncut in back of boy’s head until the kolot ritual is performed. Deket mungkolot ne ahi nakaan hidiyen buuk. If the kolot-ritual is performed, then that (bayyung-strand) of hair will be removed. (sem. domains: 2.1.5 - Hair.) 2sta. snarls in hair. Naligat di mabayyungan di unga te naligat boy hugud na. It is hard for a child to have snarled hair because it’s difficult to comb. ma‑ ‑an.

doyom comm. copper coil around cloth to hold the handle of the woven betelnut bags. Adi maphod nan doyom di ambayyung ku te bokon gombang. The coil on my betelnut bag is not nice because it is not copper. (sem. domains: - Metal.)

ngume comm. fringe on woven handbags, belts, and loin cloth. Linubid ku nan ngumen di ambayyung ku. I twisted the fringe of my ambayyung-bag. (sem. domains: 5.4 - Adornment.)