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bob-an di kidul (n. ph. of bob-a, di, kid’ul) comm. an amulet or charm that brings good luck and protection from harm; the literal meaning of the phrase is ‘tooth of lightning’. [The amulet is a black tooth-shaped piece of wood found in trees that have been struck by lightning; the very end of where the lighting penetrated is said to protect the possessor from any harm.] In-uppig na nan bob-an di kidul. He placed his charm in a woven purse. Sim: kiwil. (sem. domains: 4.9.8 - Religious things.)

kay bob-an di kidul di bob-a (id. of bob-a) very sharp teeth (lit. teeth are like the teeth of thunder). [The origin of this idiom may relate to the splinters of wood resulting from a tree struck by lightning. When these splinters are found, they are treated as amulets. cf. bob-an di kidul.]

kiwil₂ comm. an amulet. [This amulet is believed to be the tooth of the lightning. When lightning strikes a tree and splits the tree, people look for the tooth along the cracked section of the tree.] Sim: kodla, agayup; Sim: bob-an di kidul. (sem. domains: 4.9.4 - Miracle, supernatural power.)